Divorce is hard - Understanding Why Divorce is Hard

About six years ago, I was strolling along the beach with my three kids, who were 6 and under. I overheard a woman talking to her...

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I am not the same woman I was; she has changed immensely; but she and everything she experienced in that marriage, both good and bad, are what made her into who I am today. Yeah, it's the same thing after any kind of breakup.

I hope you've found the peace that we all deserve. To understand the emotional turmoil you undergo following a divorce is very difficult. I don't think that's selfish.

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I tried hard to make it work with prayer, trying to get him to start going back to church with us, counseling, etc. But for me, life is a meaningless gift, and our only interest should be being happy by any means.

I could write a book about that, but I'll refrain. My parents separated were never married when I was only nine months old and I'm so happy they did. I am happy to say that in the few months we have been a part the kids are doing so much better. The men that sought me post-divorce were different from those of my single days. Divorce may mean freedom but with that freedom comes loss, and there must be a willingness to take the necessary time to heal.

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Elizabeth MAGGIEBillings / USAThey say you cant know somebody well not dealing with him in good and bad situations? You don\'t have any other choice now, but trust my words. I am romantic! I love spending time with my special man... then simple things become special when you share them with one you love. When difficulties happen, you can always rely on me as a partner and a friend. I am optimistic and whatever happens - with me you will always know everything will be great tomorrow. I am open minded - always ready to try new things. You do not need to play roles when you are with me. I appreciate honesty and faithfulness. When I have an idea I do my best to make it perfect or I admit I cant make it at all. My responsibility helps me in this, I never give up, because the whole universe helps you when you want something very much. I am fond of literature, a good book can make me think about sense of life. I like going to the gym, it helps me to be in a good shape and mood. I like getting to know different cultures and meeting new people, that is why I am fond of traveling. Spending time outdoors is a great opportunity to communicate with my friendsTfollow...
Pamela TONIALogan / USAThe reasons for my divorce are complicated and their own story, one that is between my ex-partner and myself. The Cliff Notes are that for a myriad of reasons, not being together as a couple anymore was the best decision for our family.Lateral coital positionfollow...
Debra SANDYSheridan / USAI am cheerful, out-going, responsible, and loving.Gay-for-payfollow...
Juan PATTILake Wales / USAFor 18 months after my divorce, I cried daily.Sex pillowfollow...
Shirley ROBYNHayward / USAI like to cook and keep my home very clean.Humiliationfollow...
Lisa ASHLEECastine / USAI was recently invited to the second wedding of a dear friend. But when her first marriage ended, she went through some hard and ugly moments that I was there to witness.Cunnilingus in Halachafollow...
Vera CANDYRacine / USANo matter how common, it is one of the most challenging of life's experiences. It's not just your marital status that changes -- your entire life shifts.Sex toy industry in Chinafollow...
Ann KATHRINESan Gabriel / USATo understand the emotional turmoil you undergo following a divorce is very difficult.Cave Divingfollow...
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Divorce is hard

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The decision to divorce is never easy, and as anyone who has been through it will tell you, this wrenching, painful experience...