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As a Top 5 Finalist at last year's Ms. So, the 5'3", lbs. Amber says, "I love competing and am hooked.

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Back to the Hawaiian Queen. As one of the most beautiful Ms. Coming from an athletic family, she has always been encouraged by by her two older brothers, both Marines and active athletes themselves. And if I can have my Oprah interview moment here: I really appreciate you stopping by. My friends said I looked like I walked straight out of Jersey Shore with my tan, hair and bling. As for exercise, my two pieces of advice are:

Acquire you thought about stepping on stage later this year? Fashionable is the time to pick out your final competition dates and get prepped to lull that stage.

We offer trial preparation programs for bikini, cast, fitness, physique, and body builders. If you have ever considered jumping on stage, there are several more shows coming up that are great for beginners and even those with more experience. Here they are nearby organization.

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The announcer first called out 26 for 5th place. As soon as I looked at who it was, I knew there was no chance of me being ranked higher than her. I think my mouth literally dropped in pure shock and excitement. Seriously, I got 3rd place??!?!? As soon as my number was called, I heard this crazy noise in the audience.

It was the highest pitched squeal. As soon is I heard it, I knew what it was. I looked over and it was my mom screaming in excitement. You would have thought her daughter had just won Ms. Universe or something haha. My boyfriend liked to describe the noise as something similar to someone finding out they won the lottery at the same time they had their toe nail ripped off.

Let me tell ya..

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  • It includes three competitive rounds.
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Upcoming Midwest Competitions

Did I reveal too much?

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