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I didn't see this anywhere on the forum yet, so apologies if it's a repost. It's always fun to see a "mainstream" post about tickling, especially a fetish video...

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  • Joanna Krupa has got one hilarious foot fetish -- or at least she does in...
  • Joanna Krupa (alias Regina Bartkowski) forgotten foot fetish photos
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Joanna Krupa (alias Regina...
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As for Krupa's tickle partner? The fact of the matter is, the second someone signs a contract to appear in that type of footage, they should know what comes with it. Some people may not care that they have to pay that price to be a "household name", but she did. I never said Traci left her adult film rep behind her. Do I blame whomever does it here or anywhere else.

Guess TMZ road this slow news month to the max with the tickle video, so until the next "model being tickled sighting" And one of the facts is, that it will be a part of their lives forever, right wrong or indifferent.

I say again to all, don't support or participate in this type of behavior. I am curious, do you think Sarah and Joanna bear any responsibility in this matter? So that must be why all the other porn actresses have no problem finding mainstream work.

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You do realize that less coverage is not the same as no coverage, right? You get on camera, you risk being discovered. She was actually more nefarious because of it, and had trouble finding work when she tried using her real name.

The mainstream media could have reported these fetish stories without using stolen visual material, just like they reported the Traci Lords porn story without visual material.

She even did a video after she was of legal age which can still be had. And one of the facts is, that it will be a part of their lives forever, right wrong or indifferent. And if they did, you know I would blame

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  1. I find it funny how you're inserting made up statistics in between faulty statistics.

  2. Shut the fuck up you dumb bitch, the world needs less cunts like you so go and kill yourself please.

  3. CONT. who undergo FGM cannot and usually have health problems because of it.

  4. You don't blame the weak for being weak. You pity them, sympathize with them, and encourage them to be even stronger.

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  6. Well I think that no one should be yelled at for looking, I look all the time! It's the talking and the touching that's creepy.

  7. For however little this rando's sentiment helps, I'm rooting for you to come out of this present turmoil stronger than ever.

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