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This institute is a rip off they do not teach students at all of the time teachers give students lots of breaks and lets everyone do whatever they want and...

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I recently graduated from the Cherry Hill campus and I have already started to received tuition reimbursement from the hospital i work at to go back and get my R. I attended when it was new in prior to the Y2K scare and it was a good program. I complained to the dean or woman who would become the dean as I recall about the situation and she dismissed our complaints. True of any school to life transition. I attended Chubb Institute back in for "network technician" training and it was the worse decision I ever made.

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Results 1 to 9 of 9. Tommy or Community College. If there is anyone else who could help me with that topic, I would admire it. I have another question that I forgot to quiz. I poverty to discriminate if anyone can assist me settle which would be gamester training seeking me, acommunity college or a prvite school.

The local community college is not any cheaper. Moreover at express train, if I don't miss throughout 3 classes during the 4 month program, and I don't pass the cert. Supplementary fast practise has nuisance placement.

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My first meeting with an admissions rep seemed to good to be true which should have caused a red flag to be raised, but i always see the glass as half full, not half empty so i paid little mind to it. Behind the scenes, the admissions reps are running around, greeting everybody with a smile saying how fantastic the place is, how happy they are to be there and were saying the same thing about the students and what a wise decision it is to go there.

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Chubb institute suck

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I know that sounds bad and is a little embarrassing to say, but i would rather work under the table at a pizza shop delivering pies for cash so my...