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My brother and I have always shared a special relationship. He is two years older then me, yet we have been more...

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Hank moved in with me and Molly when he came to live in New York a couple of months ago, right after graduating high school. It seemed someone saw him in a high school drama production back in Iowa and thought he had real talent. So the second he got his diploma and turned eighteen, Hank headed for the Big Apple and right away was getting acting gigs, mainly TV commercials. He was a real looker, a lean All-American type, a sort very popular with the ad agencies.

I'd noticed Hank give me the once-over a couple of times, checking me out. I didn't think much of it, figuring him to be straight, but the thought did cross my mind that Hank might've seen something in me he liked. Once in a while me and Molly hook up with a bi or gay stud and have ourselves a wild threesome.

Molly excitedly urging me on to do the other guy. What does that sound like to you? I even showed him that picture I took of you a couple of weeks ago, with your big cock all hard, sticking out like that. But I didn't realize Molly and her brother were so close that they talked openly about my equipment and Molly's sex life with me.

And that she showed photos of my cock to Hank!

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Appearing back on my autobiography, I don't think I could have had a better one. I grew up on a minuscule tropical island in the Bahamas - my loving parents the inheritors of a vast fortune - and spent my younger years being home schooled with my older pal Dean and traveling all over the world. My parents were young and athletic, mom having has-been only twenty when she had me, and as such were full of energy and enthusiasm as life.

They are along with very liberal when it came to nudity, and growing up there would be weeks that nobody of us would fraying a shred of clothing, freely displaying our tanned and toned bodies in the hot tropical trinkets. Not surprisingly my mom and dad loved copulation, and though they were never overt about it when we were younger, it wasn't that rare for Dean or I to walk in on them.

I still recall the first time I came into the living room to find them doggie-style on the worst, dad's hard cock plunging into my mom's dowsing pussy, her beautiful wholly breasts and long raven hair swaying in even so with his thrusts.

As soon as they spotted me they merely smiled, and without batting an eye asked for some privacy -- so I grew up thinking of sex as something soul natural, fun and loving. Occasionally I'd even couple my brother, spying on my parents as mom sucked dad's cock away the pool, or dad oiled up his cock and slid it into mom's ass, fucking her beautiful tight tush on the beach. On such occasions it wasn't a big deal to guide Dean hard, and I had to admit I got more than a little wet watching my parents' antics.

Samuel Rhoads: I expected IRISH Woman to be redhead

MrDrakula: My favorite duo are the guys from russia and trinidad, lolz those dudes have a funny chemistry, what a riot

Nitish Saxena: This is so dumb. I thought we were talking about NORTHERN england, not chavvy essex girls. I'm so northern I literally have sheep as my profile, this is not what we are like.

Xarry 123: Em portugal dizemos ide para a puta que vos pariu a todos


BlondeyFox: I need an English man in my life.

Serxio Dobleb: The first model looks like kirstie brittain HAHA

TheAAOinfin: And nope! Irish man is not for me.

IiMozzaii: Trinidad girl is soo cute.

Bellasara1233: I am French and I love Italian women. as long as they are not materialistic. A normal Italian woman is often full of charm and she will enjoy the nice and simple things of life. Beautiful country and beautiful culture. And yes, real Italian food is much more than those international pizzas and pastas.

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Brother sister bisexual literotica

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M/M/F Uncle has Nephew and Niece over. and other exciting erotic at Literotica. com!. Erik fucks his friend with a little help from his sister. I'm bi. There's a huge difference." While the brother and...