Man in 50s never married - A Message For Men In Their 50s, From Single Women

He asked repeatedly to be on my site. Bad sign right there…. My other interviews with men have always been me asking questions in person and...

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  • A Message For Men In Their 50s, From Single Women | HuffPost
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We make our vows to each other, and while in the presence of God, we also make our vows to Him. Stop talking about your ex, your kids, your money, etc. I got this man completely out of my life. A very strange man. I wish I could see his face.

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I like this girl... what should I do?

Men like this are a waste of air. He has never sustained a relationship through bad times. Like this one stating she should wear Chanel. If they feel love and not really sure they can. Who is he kidding?

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