70 year old black woman - 70-Year-Old 'Black' Woman Discovers Both Of Her Birth Parents Were White

She is also a certified personal trainer with demonstrated success delivering nutritional seminars and exhibiting training techniques at sports conventions and shows. As we all know, food can...

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And Ernestine Shepherd is proof of that. The octogenarian Baltimorean was born on June 16th, From to Shepherd was even declared to be the oldest competitive bodybuilder in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records! Discipline, determination, and good old fashioned hard work! She wakes up at 3 am, she runs about 80 miles km per week, and she lives off a calorie-controlled diet of boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables, and plenty of water.

However, the true secret to her success is simple: Like what you're reading? Subscribe to our top stories.

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I would buy a carton of fudge vanilla swirl, for example, planning to limit myself to just a half cup for dessert. After reading this, there's a chance for me: But less than 20 years ago, she was middle-aged, flabby and round woman who hated what she saw in the dressing room mirror as she tried on swimsuit after swimsuit.

Shepherd said she had never given much thought to bodybuilding until a trainer at her gym suggested she start lifting weights. From to Shepherd was even declared to be the oldest competitive bodybuilder in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records!

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