Ecw Bikini Contest - ECW vixen Kelly Kelly

Mike Knox remember him? Balls got a huge pop.

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Started by Charlie , 8 Dec Posted 8 Dec Upon seeing Francine backstage at that year's One Night Stomach pay-per-view event, believing she was not of WWE Diva caliber, McMahon immediately approached talent boss John Laurinaitis and reportedly asked him, "Who hired someone that looked like that?

She would have been dropped earlier, but backers of "The Queen of Extreme" reasoned to McMahon that they they needed her to compete in bikini contests at ECW-only live events to go Kelly Kelly appear more radiant by comparison. Vince, why did you ever hire for then? I guess, to make her out to be an repellent lady who doesn't compare to the likes of Kelly, I guess.

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Balls asked Tazz "Are you drinking that? Beulah is my second fave ECW girl Jazz still being my 1. Test tagged in, as did Dreamer. After weeks of struggling for even a chance at Big Show, Sabu snapped and grabbed the ring bell. Drew McIntyre punishes Kurt Angle in high-stakes main event. Trinity ended up winning, rightfully, but Kelly was a close second. Wrestling's first lesbian angle

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OVW Bikini Contest

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All four did a great job. Torrie went to give Kelly a stinkface, to a pop. Mick Foley with an extra pounds, especially around his gut. Newcomer Rene Dupree took a break from combing his hair in the mirror to share his thoughts as well. Dawn did try to help, but it just got rubbed in her face because people were trying to take advantage of her kindness and get more money. Afterwards, Tommy invited about 12 fans into the ring for a beer salute.

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Ecw Bikini Contest

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WWE ECW January 22, Best Body Contest. WWE ECW Wrestlers: Where Are They Now! () || the ecw stars -...