How to get divorce from wife when not willing - Husband wants divorce & wife is not ready to give divorce.

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How to Divorce When the Wife Is Not Willing | LegalZoom Legal Info

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Mutual divorce is the best , convenient and expeditious mode to dissolve the marriage. China Steel Structure Parts Process It's quick, easy, and anonymous! After than, when i asked for divorce than she refused for the same and she asked me to take her back at my home. Mental cruelty can consist of unusually callous, neglectful and deliberately harass conduct, false accusation of adultery or unchastity, false charge of impotency, undue familiarity with third person, deprivation of property, drunkenness, false criminal charge by one spouse against the other, reprehensible conduct, refusal to have marital intercourse, refusal to consummate marriage, communication of disease, demand for dowry etc.

Impotency — as alleged 3. To attract this provision the marriage should have been solemnized before she attained the age of 15 years and she has to repudiate the marriage after attaining that age but before attaining the age of 18 years.


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