Dating a girl with bad acne - Would you girls date a guy with severe acne?

Posted December 29, I am a Junior with moderate acne and it definitely effects my confidence with girls.

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I'll sound nasty, but I wouldn't. I've never had to suffer with spots, and acne does kind of make me jumpy and somewhat jumpy - it's not disgusting to me, but it's certainly an oddity. Piercings weird me out enough owing me not to want to kiss or touch somewhere there, so dating someone for having a face plastered with spots and likely red all over and beyond would be a method of keeping me away.

On that note, I also hate freckles. I'm sure the girl is lovely. Maybe if I didn't have a girlfriend now I would say 'yeah, I'd reign her if we had attributes in common' but I entertain doubts it.

Posted December 30, edited. I agree, I do this alot! When I was in high school my friend didn't want to date a guy because "he talked with too much saliva in his mouth" In two weeks, three, or even months, but it will trust me. The bumps will still show but that's okay as long as there's like no redmarkss because if its blended in, you feel a little better about your achne ALSO its less noticable:: By clicking "Sign Up" you agree and consent to a the Acne.

  • There's nothing more infuriating than having someone tell you what to do to 'cure' your acne. A) you...
  • I tried this medication- benzoyl peroxide brevoxyl cream.
  • Would you girls date a guy with severe acne? - GirlsAskGuys
  • Guys, would you date a pretty girl with lots of acne on her face? - GirlsAskGuys

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Dating a girl with bad acne

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I actually began dating my boyfriend when we were 19 years old, this was 5 years ago. When we first started dating my boyfriend had bad acne. How does...