Thanksgiving dating sim deviantart pokemon mystery - Pokemon Go news: Forget Thanksgiving event, Niantic updates this HUGE feature

Pokemon Go's Thanksgiving event is coming to an end soon, so you'd better hurry if you want to grab double XP. This means Pokemon Go players have just a...

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The games are scheduled to be released worldwide on November 16, The games' control scheme is designed to only be missing one Joy-Con per gamester, and the games compel support cooperative multiplayer. The player character will start with either a Pikachu or an Eevee —depending on the version—which wishes sit on the competitor character's shoulder in the overworld.

A notable quirk in Let's Go, Pikachu! The evolution mechanic from previous games returns in Let's Go, Pikachu! No matter how, in Let's Go, Pikachu! The analog stick doubles as a capture button in case the contestant does not wish to use the motion controls.

Although Let's Go, Pikachu! Masuda stated that he decided to make Eevee the mascot of the second game due to its popularity and over-abundance of fan art.

After cancelling the Thanksgiving event in favour of a Global Catch Challenge and Travel event, Niantic continues to surprise fans with fresh changes to Raids. The headline changes are that Ex Raids will now primarily take place at sponsored locations and at Gyms found in parks. This is in order to make them more accessible to a greater number of people.

Likewise, Trainers with high-level Gym badges or players with lots of Raid experience will be more likely to receive Ex Raid invites for specific Gyms. Niantic will also take into account popular Raid times when it schedules Ex Raids, while players can expect Stardust and Premium Raid passes when battles are cancelled.

General Raid rewards have also been tweaked, as Niantic hands out better items to successful players. Trainers will now receive Golden Razz Berries for completing Raid Battles, the quality of potions has been improved, Fast and Charged Technical Machines are more likely to drop, and Stardust will be awarded for participation.

Niantic said that it wants players to walk away from Raids feeling like they've earned some amazing rewards. Pokemon Go fans can also take part in the Global Catch Challenge, where the aim is to unlock rewards by catching as many Pokemon as possible.

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