History of the midget mansion - The strange tale of Midget Mansion

The city of San Antonio, Texas is home to many ghosts and legends, but none is more disturbing than the legend...

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There comes a time when an urban legend becomes interpreted as cold, hard truth.
  • The bloody story of the Midget Mansion is one of San Antonio's most told urban legends. But...
  • Maybe because of its bizarre history, the property remained vacant...
  • As with most urban myths, there are distinct variations in the story. The location (near the Medical Center) where...
  • There's a lot of history packed into the various unknown corners of America...
  • it's an almost archetypal American ghost story. Sprawling mansion, abandoned for unknown...
  • Explains my personal knowledge of Midget Mansion, located on the Northwest side of San Antonio Texas Notice - Image above...

Readers of my blog are aware that I am fond of pointing insensible that San Antonio is one of those places that seems to beget a bounty of preternatural urban legends. One of the most whimsical and macabre tales involves an estate that had the colorful name of Midget Mansion also known as Gillespie Mansion. So named because it was seemingly constructed with low-hanging fixtures and low ceilings, the tenants were reputed to be a family of little people.

Specifically, the patriarch and his helpmeet, though the residence was evidently also inhabited through their normal-sized children and also some servants. The father is said to have been a crowned businessman during the s who had the emphasize tailored to his unexcelled specifications. For many years neighbors would curiously regard the habitation and its novel tenants. Then events took a tragic zigzag defy one day when the father allegedly went crackers, murdering his entire ancestry and then himself in behalf of reasons unknown at least according to the yarn.

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It did Not burn down. According to some other accounts of people i asked that is indeed the true location The inside of the door had red smudgy hand prints and "help" written on it. I believe that the house was even used as a Haunted House one Halloween. You may have guessed by now that the new family were on the shorter side of the spectrum. Nothing much to see

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